& I want every single person

on this planet to be happy.

I want each & every one of you

to experience a meaningful life,
a life that is filled with love,
driven by purpose & fueled by passion.
I hope each new day is your new best day.
I wish you nothing short of everything
that you have ever dreamed your life to be.

That’s the reason why I want to share

what I’ve learned about health with you.
It’s because

Hi, I'm Dr. Rachel  

I want you to live your absolute best life -

& you need your health to do that.

(more of my story to be added soon)

Hi, I'm Dr. Rachel.

I'm a chiropractor, birth doula, with a degree in exercise physiology & health promotion.

Spread Love
Share Truth
Act only out of love, from a place of love, always.
Spread that love, everywhere you go.
You are a force of nature.
Let your force be fueled by love
& it will spread further than you ever thought possible
If you know a truth, if you've found a truth, if you've learned something that can benefit someone else - share it. You have the ability & I believe the opportunity, to influence the lives of everyone around you. Even those you haven't met yet. Share the truths you find as you walk this journey of life. Experience joy in helping others. Energy & intention are contagious.
In sharing truth you are also spreading love.
Because love is the ultimate truth - 
the truest of truths.
& that's the truth.

Spread Love

Share Truth