The Five Essentials

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Here they are!

The things you need to do,

the areas of your health you need to address to be your very best!

Learn them, live them, love them, share them.

They are the truth.

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Core Chiropractic

Your nervous system is comprised of

your brain, spinal cord, & nerves.

It controls every. single. thing. that happens inside of your body, as well as your interpretation of the outside world.


Let me be very clear when I say:

your brain & nervous system are the reason that you are alive right now. 


Think it's important to keep this system healthy? You bet! In fact, nervous system malfunction is the reason for most dysfunction & disease of the human body. Be proactive! Don't wait until you have a symptom to start caring for your nervous system.


Summary: Maintaining a healthy nervous system is the best thing you can do for your overall health. Haven't had x-rays of your spine?

Well then, we just found your starting point.

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​Food is fuel.

Your body uses the food you consume for both energy & reconstruction.

Give your body whole foods, the ones that come from the earth.

Take supplements.

Drink water.

Stop eating sugar.

Coming soon: favorite foods, grocery shopping guide, recipes



Your thoughts literally have the power to alter your physiology. What you think, you become. What you exude, you attract. Seek to expand your perspective & develop your mindset. Live your life in a state of gratitude, explore the world from a place of love. Be the light someone needs today. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Use it for good.

Coming soon: book & podcast recommendations


Oxygen & Exercise

​Exercise has countless health benefits.

Your body is designed for movement. You need to exercise.

Find something you enjoy doing that you can participate in regularly.

It can be walking, running, swimming, hiking, biking, yoga, strength training, high intensity interval training- anything!

Get up & move.

Newton's first law: an object in motion stays in motion.

Coming soon: weekly workouts

Minimize Toxins

Minimize Toxins


​You need to minimize toxins in your life.

I mean this in the sense of toxic thoughts, toxic relationships & also actual chemicals, pesticides & food additives.

Toxins are hidden in household cleaners, beauty products & even foods.

They are stored in fat cells & have a negative effect on your ability to detox.

Toxins must go.

Note: This is a gradual process.

Focus on minimizing. Small changes yield big results over time.

Coming soon: swap section.

You can check out my favorites list for some of my favorite non-toxic products & favorite detox system.


Studies suggest community to be a basic human need, similar to food, water & sleep.

Humans thrive in groups.

Find yourself a community that will love & support you on your journey -

a greater good that you can contribute to,

people you can learn from & grow with.


You can expect me to invite you to every single workshop, dinner & event at the health center. That is simply because I want the absolute best for you. I want the best for everyone.


If you are a member at my health center, I want you to see the results that you came for, the results that I know you are capable of.

The people who see the most improvement in their health are the ones who are the most engaged in their health.

Never forget: Your health is your choice.

Coming soon: local community event calendar

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