Self generating, self regulating,

self maintaining, self healing -

the human body is the most incredible, complex & capable entity

on the face of the earth.

The fact that you are living & breathing right now, without even thinking about it

is a miracle.

So, what's keeping you alive?



Your brain is your body's master control center. It tells the rest of the body, cells, tissues,

muscles & organ systems,

what to do & when to do it.

Amazing, right?

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Your brain communicates with your body by sending signals back & forth down the spinal cord & out over nerves that go to muscles & organs.

For your heart to beat,

your lungs to breathe,

for your eyes to see,

for you to taste & digest food,

for you to run, for you to jump,

for you to smell a flower,

for you to love someone -

Your brain sends a signal down the spinal cord.

It happens no other way.

Health is the body's natural state.

When you experience pain, dysfunction or disease -

There is a reason.

There is a cause.

My goal is to identify the cause.

It's only when we find the cause -

that we can find the solution.

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» migraines

» headaches

» numbness in hands, legs or feet
» sciatica
» low back pain

» neck pain

» shoulder pain

» digestive issues
» trouble sleeping
» asthma

» allergies
» thyroid complications

» poor posture
» infertility

» high blood pressure

» hormonal imbalance

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» increases energy
» improves sleep
» decreases aches & pains
» improves digestion
» strengthens immunity
» increases mobility
» improves brain-body connection

» enhances performance
» improves posture


Symptoms are your body's way of letting you know that something is going on.

Typically, symptoms indicate miscommunication & result in malfunction.

Have a symptom?

Let's find the cause.

No symptoms?

Let's keep it that way.